Best Backyard Plants

When planning what plants you want to have in your backyard, you should take into consideration a number of variables in order to choose the ideal ones.

Finding appealing plants that will flourish in the shadows can be difficult if your backyard doesn’t receive much sun during the day.
Perhaps you’re looking for a plant that can grow successfully anywhere—in the north or the south, in the sun or the shade, in a garden bed or a container garden.

It’s true that starting a garden of flowers or veggies can be intimidating. But fortunately, there are numerous cultivars that can grow successfully without any prior knowledge. Therefore, whether you adore the idea of digging into a supper full of freshly-grown vegetables or dream of having flower-filled beds in your yard, then these recommendations will help you on your path.


Backyard Cactus Garden

Sign up and enjoy the benefits: cacti make a superb centerpiece and they don't need much care, they look fine throughout the year and they cost you nothing. Moreover, their juicy, green colour will add a perfect touch to your desk, living room, and even garden. If you are not yet ready to design a cactus gar …

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plum trees invasive roots

Trees For Small Backyards

Best Trees for Small yards has been independently researching and testing products for over 120 years. If you buy through our links, you will receive a sales commission. Read more here. || | シェットに克にん The trees come in all sizes, ranging from big oak trees to tiny fruit trees you can plant on the patio, so th …

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bamboo safe houses

Bamboo Trees Backyard

There are many species and varieties of bamboo (Bambusoideae spp.) that can be chosen to provide a great privacy or shelter in the garden. When choosing a bamboo species for your garden, consider planting a space that gives the green shoots enough sunlight to sustain them, suggests Heritage Garden.The plant- …

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Easy Care Garden Plants

Country Living editors handpick each product you see above. If you purchase from a link, we may earn a commission. Read more about it. 24 Best Low Maintenance Garden Flowers & Plants for lazy gardeners Fertilizing a yard is all about selecting the right plant for the right environment. When it comes to low-m …

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