Garden Netting

Pests are deterred from gardens with garden netting. Nets offer the plant protection without obstructing the regular circulation of air and sunlight, which is essential for plant survival. Gardening is a joyful and rewarding activity. Before you can harvest your plants, you watch them develop from seed to maturity. There is no comparison for the satisfaction experienced after finishing these gardening stages. However, you come across pests who, like you, want to create a meal out of the things in your garden. As soon as the plants begin to bloom, these unpleasant guests come to your garden and frequently leave a path of ruin. Many pests, including flying birds, deer, and crawling insects, have their sights set on your garden. That’s why it becomes almost mandatory to have garden netting to keep your plants protected.

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Bird Tree Netting

The pros and cons of fruit tree netting There are many factors that go into producing a happy and productive harvest from your fruit trees, and keeping local wildlife away from them can often be a task that can be quite strenuous – literally. Compare the pros and cons of bird netting to help determine if it' …

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Using Worm Castings

Using organic worms castings: how to harvest worms for your garden Adding worm castings manure to soil aerates it and makes it more compact whilst also providing it with a positive nutrient stream. We shall discuss what worm castings are and how to make them. Worm castings are organic forms of manure from so …

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Garden Fruit Netting

Anti-bird nets for fruit and vegetable protection Our high quality and heavy anti-bird net is perfect to cover your tender fruit trees or bushes, or for planting or to cover your fruit baskets or boxes, in order to protect them without harming them. The Bird Net is 20mm x 20mm diamond mesh, which can deter u …

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Diy Plant Wind Protector

How to protect your plants from wind and storms (9 tips) It is a shame to lose plants because of damage from winds, when the hard work of growing them from seeds or young plants has really paid off. How can we protect our plants from wind and thunderstorms? To protect small plants from wind and storm, cover …

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Protect Plants From Hail

Hail damage to crops: how to care for damaged crops Hail damage may feel like a slap on the skin, and so can leaves at vulnerable points of the crop, which will be severely damaged by hail. After hard weather we should know how to take care of damaged plants due to hail and restore them to their normal state …

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