Organic Fertilizers

The use of organic fertilizers aims at maintaining a garden that supports nourishing soil, plants, and helpful insects. This is accomplished by employing goods that nourish your garden soil and the creatures in it rather than synthetic fertilizers and insecticides.

As a huge percentage of insects are helpful or benign. Still, organic gardeners are aware that it is desirable to kill as few insects as possible. However, they use organic pest management products when widespread infestations of pests or diseases are present. Once used, these compounds frequently degrade fast and decrease the possibility that they would harm plants.

We thing that everyone have to learn the basics to use organic fertilizers for building rich cultures.

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Blood Fertilizer

7 Reasons to use a blood meal fertiliser in your garden Posted: 26 July 2021 last updated: 17 August 2021 Professionals are constantly seeking new ways of improving their growing practices. For all the negative connotations the amendment has endured over time for good reason – it is an effective way of resto …

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Charcoal Fertilizer

But what is important is the type of coal used, for natural coals made from biomass such as wood will be much more successful than commercial coal briquettes which often contain chemicals. This type of natural coal, which is sourced from retail outlets, or produced from slow-burning timber, releases vital nu …

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Plant Food Fertilizer

Gardeners will use fertilisers to enrich their soil and to provide the vital nutrients that plants need to grow and thrive. What is the difference? by Matt Gibson and Erin Marissa Russell This term does not mean the same thing as fertiliser. In addition to hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon, plants require 13 nutr …

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Bulb Fertilizer

How and when to fertilize bulbs Planting bulbs every spring gives me a brief taste of my growing collection of native and perennial bulbs every year and I eagerly await their bloom in a different way each spring. Flower bulbs, in principle, have all the energy and nutrients they need to sprout, blossom, and …

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