Plant Foods

Plants requires plant foods to grow. Because of the lack of these, many garden plants grow slowly and produce few flowers or fruits. However, if you give them access to the nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, the three primary nutrients found in a general fertilizer, the plants will thrive and better withstand attacks from pests and diseases thanks to these vital nutrients.

Each of the three primary plant foods contributes in a different way to the health and wellbeing of plants. Potassium fosters flower and fruit production, phosphorus aids in the formation of roots, and nitrogen encourages healthy leaf and stem growth.

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Organic Liquid Plant Food

Home » Organic Gardening » Fertilisers from the seeds division) Liquid (soluble) fast and powerful way of harvesting established plants in pots and in garden with almost immediate effect: a liquid fertiliser ensures continued, superlative growth and quick recovery of weakened plants! Our selection will help …

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Miracle Plant Food

For all orders over 50 dollars, free delivery! Miracle-Gro Water Soluble All-purpose plant food Full of essential nutrients, Miracle-Gro Water Soluble All-purpose plant food instantly makes your vegetables, trees, shrubs and poppets grow taller and more beautiful than any other plant. How to use Miracle-Gro …

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Miracle Gro Organic Soil

Free shipping on all orders over 50 dollars! Miracle-Gro Performance Organics All Purpose In-Farm soil has the Miracle-Gro results that you would expect, delivered on time — always as you like. This means more produce from more plants – more vegetables, flowers, and herbs – supported by an organic and natur …

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Seaweed Plant Food

Free: 10 printed plant information cards Everything you need to know about liquid seaweed fertiliser Liquid seaweed fertilisers have been used for a long time to promote plant growth, particularly before the introduction of commercial fertiliser production. We are proud to present our new electronic book, Th …

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Yucca Plant Food

Yucca use – Yucca may be grown as a foodstuff The difference between yuca and yucca, absent a conventional name, is a historically important global nutritional food source, which is currently utilised for its carbohydrate (30-50-90-percent pure) content, although, in modern times, yuca is also an ornamental p …

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House Plant Food

Comments to this article may win New York a commission The ten best fertilizers for houseplants, from all-inclusive to seaweed based, all the plants that carnivorous plants love, but you begin to notice that your plant seems less vibrant after a few months. It's about time for fertilizer: Plants get their fo …

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Snake Plant Food

Free shipping on all orders of more than 50 dollars! How to grow a snake plant Do not be intimidated by its name, these popular house plants are guaranteed to wriggle right into your heart! snake plants are actually in the genus, succulent, and count agaves among their family trees. (Just don't try to pick t …

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