Plant Foods

Plants requires plant foods to grow. Because of the lack of these, many garden plants grow slowly and produce few flowers or fruits. However, if you give them access to the nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, the three primary nutrients found in a general fertilizer, the plants will thrive and better withstand attacks from pests and diseases thanks to these vital nutrients.

Each of the three primary plant foods contributes in a different way to the health and wellbeing of plants. Potassium fosters flower and fruit production, phosphorus aids in the formation of roots, and nitrogen encourages healthy leaf and stem growth.

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Miracle Gro Citrus Soil

Free shipping on all orders over $50! Miracle-Gro® cactus, palm and citrus potting mix You do not have to be living in the desert to plant your favorites – cacti, palms, and citrus. Our formula is quick-absorbing and contains ingredients like perlite, sand and other plant products to reduce soil erosion. The …

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Miracle Gro Vegetable Soil

Free shipping on all orders over $50! Miracle-Gro garden soil for plants and herbs Grow a bountiful crop of vegetable and herbs using Miracle-Gro garden soil that is enriched with compost, plant nutrients, and other essential nutrients for plants for up to 3 months! Plus, the Miracle-Gro moisture management …

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Miracle Gro Rose Soil

Free shipping on all orders over $50! Are you ready to grow larger and more beautiful roses? Trust the Miracle-Gro garden soil. With our moisture control plant food, you can feed your plants for 3 months. I want you to have more blooms and brighter colors with Miracle-Gro Garden soil for roses. For planting …

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Organic Miracle Grow Soil

Free delivery on all orders over $50! Miracle-Gro Performance Organics All Purpose In-Ground Soil Instantly transforming results – this is always Miracle-Gro's mission: As a result, this OMRI Listed soil-only plant-nutrition (including plant food, flowers and herbs) organic material yields a double yield (co …

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All Purpose Plant Food

Free shipping on all orders over 50 dollars. Miracle Groz Water Soluble All-purpose plant food With its packed nutrients, Miracle Groz Water Soluble All-purpose plant food quickly makes your vegetables, trees, bushes and plants grow larger and more beautiful than before. How to use Miracle-Gro water-soluble …

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