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Lawn Garden Maintenance

Looking a little tired? Follow the expert advice to keep your lawn properly maintained, a lush, well-mowed lawn is a perfect green screen for colourful shrubs, an ideal site for summer picnics, and even a habitat for birds and other wild animals. We show you how to make your grass look its best, all year round. How to maintain your lawn Regular cutting of the lawn helps promote its hydrated and green appearance.

Cut weeds such as dandelions when you notice them so that they are no longer in competition with the lawn, and move them to a bare spot so it can regenerate. Apply these household tips, below, to moisten the lawn with stored rainwater and grey water in dry summers, de-root diseased lawns to aid their recovery, and axe the dead growth in autumn to keep the lawn fresh. In summer, have your lawns trimmed at least once weekly in the summer and every two weeks in the spring, autumn and in warm weather, as this will help to reduce the base of the lawn, which can shrink in dry weather. Regular trimming will encourage the growth of weeds.

For advice on selecting the right lawnmower for your garden, you will find by The Alan Titchmarsh Guide to Gardening and the Test of Patience: everything to know about choosing a lawnmower, read the Homeowner's Guides and the Pros and Cons of the Mower. Always irrigate young grasses, but do not overwater it, as this can result in shallow roots and poor growth. Use rainwater from a water dish if possible, or grey water from a toilet flush, if desired. Sprinklers are ideal for hydration in lawns, but require too much main water and are not allowed during the hose ban.

Plantains and dandelions have wide flat leaves, which may choke large areas of grass and impairs growth but can be easily eradicated by using a hand spray or a Daisy weed blower. (For practical help with watering your lawn, see our Video Guide to Hoses and our Survey on Hoses and Dandelions.) Yellow mediggers, buttercups and clovers can also grow quickly in the lawn, so raking before you cut may help build them up in the blades, which will weaken and eventually kill them. Do not use chemical herbicides, which encourage mongrel growth.

If you feel you need one, try homemade weed killer instead. Here Alan Titchmarsh shows you his non-chemical weed killer method: removing weeds from his lawn with a daisy grubbing.

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How do you take care of a lawn for beginners?

care lawn beginners

Tips for Beginners in lawn care. Know your soil. – Know the best grass for your area, weed properly.

How do I bring my lawn back to life?

lawn life

How to resurrect a dead grasse Place the garden in a separate place and make sure that your grass is not just lying dormant…. Remove excess thatch…. Plant new sod or seeds.

How frequently should I fertilize my lawn?


While feeding your lawn once a year will improve health, feeding it four times a year will make it healthier and even more beautiful.

What do you put on your lawn in the winter?

What you should do with your lawn in the winter season Use slow-release fertilisers and liquid fertilisers that have a good nitrogen, phosphate and potassium balance.

How do I prepare my lawn for winter?

… step 4: spreading the fertilizer and laying peat (if necessary) Step 1: Mow low. Photo by Kindra Clineff…. step 2: Aerate. Photo by Kindra Clineff.

Can yellow grass become green again?

You water, prune and fertilize your lawn each fall and the grass may turn yellow, taking away the clear-green look. Fortunately, you can turn your grass green again with a few simple steps.

Does fertilizer break down thatch?

Your lawn may need to be fertilised regularly, as the soil organisms need nitrogen to break down the thatch.

How do you make a simple garden maintenance?

… Show some love to the soil in a low-maintenance garden. Keep to the bare minimum the amount of lawn to be mown…. Spare your time where it counts.

What is the best lawn treatment in spring?

Spring lawn maintenance tasks `Rake` removes all remaining autumn leaves and blade-free patches of grass from the lawn;..Overseeding is essential for a truly healthy lawn.

Should I spread compost on my lawn?

Composition topsoil mowing additionally adds organic matter to the soil, providing good drainage and improved soil tilth. This organic matter also fosters beneficial microorganisms which convert organic fertilisers and minerals in the soil into available plant nutrients which can be taken up by the soil roots.

What do you put on your lawn after scalping?

You want to apply a good fertiliser such as Lawn Solutions Premium for lawn after the grass has been mown, then apply over two to three weeks. You do this technique in spring, when your lawn is regenerating fastest.

How do I freshen my garden soil?

… prevention of soil compaction…. rotate the crop every year…. Add compost compost is decomposition of organic matter and is the best tool you can use to improve soil health.

How many lawn treatments are necessary?

A typical garden needs 4-6 treatments per year, and lawns range from cold-season grass which require in the autumn, to warm-season lawns that require treatments from late spring through early autumn.

What should I do to my lawn before winter?

Fertilise After you have opened your lawn, it is the right time to fertilise it with Scotts® Turf Builder® WinterGuard® fall lawn food. Fertilising the lawn gets all the nutritional it needs for winter.

When should I fertilize my lawn?

We recommend that your lawn be fertilised twice a year, the best times for this are in early spring and autumn. For most lawn grasses, cold weather does not do very well and fertilising in early spring can help the lawn to grow and prosper when winter does come.

What is a good lawn care schedule?

If warm-season grasses, maintenance and fertilisation is carried out in summer; if cold-season grasses, fertilization may be used once in early September and again six to eight weeks later to allow optimum growth conditions to occur.

How can I make my lawn maintenance free?

12 ways to keep your garden in tip-top shape…. Plant simple containers…. Use fertilizer less.

How do I keep my grass short without mowing?

..don't want to mow your grass? Check out these five alternatives! Artificial turf: instead of manually watering the lawn every week to keep it green, why not try grass cover! …planting of the grasses greening or xeriscaping.

Which fertilizer is best for grass?

The finest all-purpose grass fertiliser is a Dr. Earth super-natural organic fertilizer that contains all three essential macronutrients that your soil needs: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

How do I make my grass look nice?

… You can do it! Aerate your lawns:..water your lawn deeply and infrequently. …use natural lawn fertilizers:..cycle your lawn clippings.

When should you stop fertilizing your lawn?

However, if you (or your gardener) think that you still need to fertilise, then most lawns only need to be fertilized once a year, and the time is in the autumn, around the holiday season, when the soil is chilly.

What is the best top dressing for lawns?

Compost, sand and topsoil are the best materials for the topsoil used in the lawn; sand, for instance, is an excellent material for the topsoil used for lawns because it smooths and straightens the surface and so improves drainage of the soil which greatly facilitates lawn growth.

Can I put garden soil on lawn?

If you want to reinstate your lawn (especially a mainly dead lawn) you should till the soil and use compost, mulch and garden soil, or else utilise gardening soil with added compost and manure.

What should I put on my lawn before winter?

Table of contents Cleaning of the lawn, removing weeds, cutting the lawn to the lowest level, fertilizing for winter nitrogen, potassium, lime.

How can I make my grass thicker and green?

… the importance of fertilising your lawns, and fertilizing them when necessary. Thicker, greener lawns. Mow your lawn properly. Fertilize it properly.

How can I make my grass greener and thicker?

… Improve your soil. To make the most of every step towards a stronger lawn, take a tip from lawn professionals and try your seed…. Exceed the seed.

How do you properly water your lawn?

Also, whenever possible, water the lawn from 4-10 AM, in the morning, in order to limit the losses of wind and evaporation and to allow water to enter the soil before the sun gets hot.

Does Laundry Detergent help grass grow?

Although there are many commercial lawn enhancers available, you probably have the right kind of laundering products for the lawn. Mixing a washing product such as Tide onto the lawn helps to water to areas where the grass is drying out, letting moisture soak into the soil.

How often should you compost your lawn?

Ideally the lawn should be topped up several times a year with compost but ultimately time and money dictate the composting target.

What grass is easiest to maintain?

As Fescue is a low-maintenance grass of cool season it requires very little maintenance as you may need to cut it only once or twice per year, and it naturally covers and tops off.

Should I fertilize before or after mowing?

You will also want to weed the soil prior to fertilising ; ideally, you will want to weed the soil prior to fertilisation in order to discard excess lawn waste and to ensure that nutrients reach the soil as well as possible; ideally, the time when grass is in active growth is when this can happen is when late spring or early autumn.

Why do people put sand on lawn?

Use sand to improve the drainage and aeration of the soil. Too much organic matter turns the soil into sponge by fermenting and overgrowth of insects in the topsoil.

How do I fill in bald spots in my lawn?

Residualization of bare spots Dig up the area to 6 feet with a lawn product (choose from the list above), mixing the topsoil to increase its firmness and help the new sod or seed plant to settle in.

How do you get rid of thatch naturally?

… Collecting and removing dead thatch and other material from lawns: Use a thatching rake to remove thick layers of thatch; Using the rake, pull and dig the soil into submission.

How do I make my garden look neater?

10 quick & easy ways to make your garden look amazing…. give yourself a new furniture. `…place the artificial grass in your garden. `… add some plants.' `Home decorating.


How can I make my grass dark green?

Now, number one way to add colour to your lawn is nitrogen nitrogen is one of the three macronutrients that are essential to a healthy lawn in the most important way.

How do I know if my lawn needs aeration?

Signs that your lawn needs aeration Your lawn is hard to the touch, you are starting to smell of sponge and your grass is thinning, withering, or losing its green colour in storms and rain.

What is the lowest maintenance garden?

Common simple garden trees and shrubs are the lowest maintenance plants in most gardens, to choose those suited to your soil and climate since they are more likely to prosper without special attention.

Can I put topsoil over grass and reseed?

Adding of soil to the grass can be another efficient form of lawn improvement, and you can put new soil in the ground where you have had grass before and prepare it for sod or seed. This will save expenditure on digging up old soil and grass.

How many times a year should you scarify your lawn?

However, the lawnmower expert David Hedges-Gower recommends that domestic (and plantation) lawns are scarred once a year rather than once every two or three years.

How do I keep my grass green?

If you want your lawn to be green during the summer you need to water consistently. instead of a shallow spray every day,you should spray your lawn at least once a week. From one to one and a half inches of water per day should keep your lawn looking green. Most household watering systems can be programmed to take care of this task.

What should I do after cutting grass?

Leaves grass clippings for free fertilizer in a yard-friendly way. Decomposition of grass clippings adds valuable soil organic matter, improving aeration and water retention as well as a deeper and healthier root system.

How do you do garden maintenance?

Proper maintenance of the garden includes many things, e.g.: maintenance of the lawn (mowing, cutting, lawn-laying) Weeding. Application of fertiliser and pesticides.

How do I fix my patchy lawn?

How to rake bare areas on plants Rake the area and remove any dead or fallen leaves with a hard-toothed lawn-mower or garden-rotator.

How do you fix a bumpy lawn?

The most common solution to these minor problems is to topdress the lawn or lawn area lightly without topdressing, applying a maximum of half a meter without exceeding the height of the topsoil.

How often should a lawn be watered?

Most lawns require a maximum of three days of weekly watering in spring and summer and a maximum of two days a week in autumn.

Why you should turn your lawn into a meadow?

By turning your lawn into a meadow, not only will you throw away your old lawnmower, but you will create a habitat that helps pollinators, native species and your local ecosystem. There's no better time to get started than right now.

How often should I water lawn in winter?

You will normally get the lawn watered once or twice a month, and follow it regularly to see if the grass comes through when you touch it. Some stress will bring down the plant growth, but make sure that the grass is not too stressed.

Is lawn soil better than topsoil?

The lawn soil on its own is not an ideal plant-growing medium, it will inhibit growth and it will fail to drain water properly. But if you spread topsoil over the lawn, you will be able to grow plants and you will enjoy the many benefits of a well-mown lawn.

Is it better to cut grass short or long for winter?

The taller grass will allow for deeper roots, so mow the grass to a height of 2-1.2 inches and leave the trimmings at the same height as in summer, so that the nitrogen supplied to the lawn is returned to the soil at least 25 per cent.

How do I fix my lawn depression?

Keep checking the surface for erosion and for emerging new grasses, then mix the soil, sand and compost ; the mixture should be poured onto the ground and spread out so that the mud is evenly covered in about half an inch of area.

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